About Us


Our story began in the almond orchards, cradled in the lush farmland of California’s San Joaquin Valley. With the perfect climate conditions – rich soil, sunny days and the optimal daytime and chill temperatures – the San Joaquin Valley became home to the California Almond that you know and love. Because almond trees grow best here, Heart Ridge Farms is honored and privileged to provide you with tasty and nutritious products. With time and care, some serious research and just a little luck, we believe we have created a unique approach to a satisfying snack.

The crew at Heart Ridge treat almonds like family. We oversee every step of the process – from the tree to your table, including:

Locally Sourced

Premium California almonds from our own family’s farms and other accomplished Valley growers

All Products are Vegetarian

*With the exception of Buffalo White Cheddar and Spicy Nacho


Refrigerated Storage

BPA-Free Packaging

Naturally gluten-free

Our products are the result of all of the love, care, and dedication the team at Heart Ridge Farms gives to each and every bag. With over 50 years of farming and agricultural experience in the San Joaquin Valley, and a team with a passion for safe food handling techniques and a proprietary roasting process, we are privileged to bring you a fresh, healthy and flavor-filled treat.

Thank you and enjoy!