Heart Ridge Farms Bulk Whole Natural Raw California Almonds (25 lb box)

Nonpareil is defined as having no match, or equal. This is the perfect name for the most desirable almond in the world. The quality and preparation of our almonds is of the upmost importance. From the orchard, all the way to your door step, it was handled with the upmost care. We pride ourselves in the care taken to preserve freshness of our almonds. Four plus generations of family farming. Unique one-of-a kind facility, almonds are grown, processed and packaged all on the same property.


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  • CHEMICAL FREE RAW ALMOND: Safe Food: No PPO and No Chemicals used Organic steam misting process guarantees safe food; 3rd party certified.
  • GOURMET QUALITY: USDA Grade- U.S. Supreme No. 1 or better Size: Large, Variety: Nonpareil.
  • HIGHEST QUALITY FRESHNESS: Foil lined air free bag to ensure a stay-fresh quality product.
  • SUPERIOR TASTE : Fresh, Crunchy, Tasty, Hearty and Healthy. Heart Ridge Farms is committed to provide our consumer the tastiest almond experience in the world.
  • HEALTY SNACK : Great for baking, milk and snacking. California grown in the San Joaquin Valley.